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Steve + Amy {Married}

Today I am sharing the most gorgeous Rappahannock River front wedding!! Steve and Amy had a wedding venue/location that a lot of people dream of, beachfront, and even better? It was right near home! This is actually where Amy grew up, which makes even more special. It was the first time I have been able to do a "First Look" and I am now a fan of them!!! And Steve making a funny face after his first initial reaction to seeing his beautiful bride was the best (take a look below!). You would never know looking at these photos that there was quite a bit of rain that day. We made the absolute best out of the time that it rained and then it cleared out just in time for wedding reception photos and an amazing sunset photo with the bride and groom!! Steve and Amy's families were so much fun, there was a lot of dancing and laughing and just a really fun atmosphere in general. Enjoy!!!

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