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Brooklyn + John {Engaged}

Brooklyn + John blew me away at their engagement session, y'all!!! Some of my all time favorite images came from this day! And to think they said we don't take good pictures, we are awkward together.... HA!! Not at all, as you can see they killed it!!

I met Brooklyn at a little donut shop (because, duh, donuts!!) and within 10 minutes of talking, I knew I was going to die over their engagement session...if I could nail it the way she described it!!! She loved the film look, very romantic, bare trees and muted colors; and was pretty much against all of the fall foliage (which I LOVE this style as well!). That just meant we really had to utilize the lighting, but with never seeing the venue before I admit I was a little nervous. After we chatted and dreamed up this session, I was waiting and waiting for the date we scheduled to get here!

I pulled up at the stunning Lakeside at Welch Estate and was speechless - this venue is beyond gorgeous!!! And then Brooklyn got out in her dress + showed me the fur she had to go with it and I think my jaw dropped! I was ECSTATIC to begin shooting!! As we were walking around, all of the nervousness I had before about lighting went down the drain! There was stunning lighting coming from every angle of this venue-from the lake to the house and all the way down the driveway!!! (I could shoot every session here and be a happy lady!!)

I think we 100% hit the nail on the head with this session; I think it was exactly what these two were looking for!! Can we please look at their lake shots.. Any "The Notebook" fans out there?? This felt like we were living the movie!!! They are planning a 2019 wedding and it is sure to be amazing <3

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