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Engagement Session {Tips}

Hi guys!! I wanted to share a few tips to help out when planning your engagement session whether with me or another photographer!

I believe that engagement sessions are so important that I include them as a complimentary session with every wedding that I book! The engagement session is often the first time I meet my clients, or at least the first time outside of a more formal meeting. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see the two of them in a favorite location, interacting together in more of a relaxed enviroment. It also gives us a chance to mingle and get to know each other before the wedding day - which is super important! Check out the tips below to help you get the most out of your session!!!

1. Don’t worry!!! You won’t have to be a supermodel going into your session and I do not expect you to be! It takes a good 15 minutes to warm up when you start your sessions. TONS of my couples tell me how awkward they are together or how nervous they are that they will look stiff in the photos. It is my job as a photographer to know how to pose you to make you feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. A lot of the poses will actually be just natural, unrehearsed moments that I caught the two of you together in. I will direct you on your posing & where to look, and you will leave feeling confident!

2. Plan! Plan! Plan your outfits!! Know in advance what you plan on wearing to your session so you don't stress the day before your session. You do not need to be 100% matchy-matchy but try to coordinate instead. Avoid super bright colors or tiny patterns that will not show up in photos. Accessories are ALWAYS great for the ladies. A scarf, layered vest, or a statement necklace can total make an outfit. I prefer my couples to bring two outfits but it is not a must. A more casual outfit and then a dressy look. Bring on the suit and fancy dress!! Pick out something that you feel confident, and comfy in.

3. Don't be afraid to get all "fancied" up!! This is a great time to have a trial run with hair + makeup if you are doing it for the wedding. We all feel amazing when we get dressed up with a hair style we don't normally wear or a little bit heavier makeup than we are use to! It will help boost your confidence AND it looks great in photos. (And, while your all dolled up - go ahead and have a date night after photos! You will already be in a lovey mood, looking great and it is a bonus for the groom to know there are fun plans after ha!)

4. Clean that ring! Make sure to have that gorgeous ring is sparkling'. I will get tons of close up, so you'll want it to have that extra shine!

5. Be on Time!! What most couples don’t realize is that natural light photographers are 100% dependent on the sun and if you show up late, you will lose that amount of time during the session due to the lack of light. I try to always shoot during golden hour (Within 2 hours of sunrise/sunset) and I cannot give you images that you have preciously seen + loved with that glow if it is gone! If at all possible, try to be on time so that you don’t lose any of your shooting time and the gorgeous sunlight!

6. Prepare your groom!! Men are not always as thrilled for photos as us women are. I will be of course explaining different poses and making it as fun for them as possible but it really helps if he goes into this knowing what to expect from this experience! Show him a few of your favorite session I have done so he can get a feel for the posing, let him know how long the session will last and that you love him so much for doing these HAHA!

7. Relax and have fun!! There is no pressure with this shoot. Wedding days are often jam packed, take this time to really soak in the moment with your fiancé, This is your break from the wedding planning, a time to celebrate and spend time with the one you love! Jump in front of the camera and laugh, giggle, snuggle, nuzzle (you'll hear this a lot from me!) and kiss!

DISCLAIMER - couple show above is just for a few new pretty images to share! Check out Brooklyn + John's here sessions for more engagement Inspiration!

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