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Mr. and Mrs. Munro {Married}

Jenny and John had the sweetest, most intimate wedding Saturday while surrounded by their family and it was one of my favorites!!!! They had the most perfect little details (gahh look at the matching mom and daughter shoes!!!) and sweetest ceremony.. At the end of the ceremony, they even announced the gender of their second little baby as they were being introduced as a new family!!! The best gender reveal ever! As we were preparing for bride + groom portraits, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and poured sunshine right down on us - perfection! Olivia wanted nothing do do with photos (see below haha!) so we got creative with a family photo. You just have to let them roam and do as they please at that age and sneak up on them!! The best one - her raising her hands in the air "WHOHOO FOOD IS HERE!" haha my kinda girl!! The reception was held inside of Hanover Tavern; with the most yummy cake by Williams Bakery

Congratulations you two, here is to a lifetime of happiness and love!!

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