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Caity + General {Engagement}

I had SO MUCH FUN with Caity and General for their engagement session!!! Seriously, every session should involve conversation + laughter like your old friends! They were nervous, just as so many couple are before their session, but they were awesome!!!! Joking and relaxing can totally change the mood for session!

Their locations they picked were special to them and it makes the photo's mean so much more years down the road!! We started off at the Fire Station where General volunteers at. I loved the opportunity to grab some unique shots that meant a lot to them - especially getting that ring shot on his helmet AH! We went on to a piece of property that they owned and explored for a little bit. I am very glad that the snow they were calling for the night before didn't amount to much, because we would have been stomping through a mess to get some of these photos!!! Beautiful lighting, old buildings and a field in the country. Right up my alley! Before their outfit change for the next location, they brought out a bottle of champagne to pop...this turned out to be the greatest few photos ever HA! Caity was not expecting it to start pouring all over her & her reaction was priceless! I almost wish I could have video taped it!!

We the went over to High Bridge Trail for sunset where General told me some interesting history facts that were pretty cool to learn!! Other than the HUGE bridge we were about to walk on to take pictures!! We survived, haha. I really liked how their outfit change gave the last set of pictures a really romantic feel with the sunset colors!! We finished up with a special ring shot of their college rings, right before the park ranger got ready to kick us out!

I cannot wait for their wedding in October, it is going to be one heck of a party!!!

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